Simon Choi (최순일)
Realtor, M.A.
Extra Form
Price $2,450,000
Status NEW
Sales $2,300,000
Income $450,000
Lot Size 0.5 ACRE
Bldg Size 6,000 SQFT
Hours -LIQUOR : Mon.-Wed. 9:30~8, Thur.~Sat. 9:30~10, Sun. 10~7:30 -B.DEPOT : Tue.~Sat. 10~4
Others -$1,810,000 (Liquor), $493,000 (B.Depot)
-3 Liquor Stores and 1 Bottle Depot in this town (3,000 population).
-The Town-Office has launched to build a new RV Park close to these stores.
-Nicely and well maintained building and equipment.
-If the owner works more the income shall be bigger.
-A liquor store in Town closed last year and about 50% of the customers shifted to
this Liquor store to effect sales increase.
-For the Bottle Depot, COVID-19 Gift for two years, Variant Rate to help small depots,
Also, "Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)" for Batteries, Disposable cups, etc.
will be applied to AB soon. B.Depots in BC are currently undertaking EPR.
-Seller doesn't pick up service around except few businesses in town.
-Income from the mini storages is an extra.

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